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Every day, your hair begins again.

Growth stems from the roots of healthy hair. All-nutrients new, enhanced formulas use a potent combination of anioxidants, amino acids, lipids and peptides to transform hair, every day. Vitamins and minerals feed your hair the nutrients it needs to restore moisture loss, protect the cuticle, and nourish the scalp to keep pores clean and foster growth.

Green Chemistry. Pushing the boundaries of earth-friendly technology, their Research and Development Team dedicates countless hours in the lab to develop safer options that avoid petroleum-derived materials and other harmful elements linked to health issues. All of their products have been particularly formulated with nutrients your hair needs, and not the chemicals it doesn't. Their chemistry is driven by what the hair naturally requires to be strong, radiant, and healthy.

Certified Organic Base. Accros the entire line, All-nutriet starts with a base of certified organic oils and all-natural extracts to deliver highly effective, yet safe products. Simply check the back of their bottle. Further, their formulations are compromised of natural and organic raw materials that reduce exposure to pesticides, unnecessary chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers.

All-nutrient's natural and organic products further decrease the dependence on non-renewable resources, and continuously move towards sustainability. They take the green initiative to make our environment and wildlife a priority.

The natural and organic ingredients meet the following standards:

• They are grown in land that doesn't use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
• They are not genetically-engineered or genetically-modified (which is common in other products)
• They are synthetic-free
• Their extraction process is not destructive to the environment
• Any water included in their composition is of high quality/free of any bacteria or organisms, and often purified
• They are not tested on animals
• Their production process has not been exposed to radiation, (which is a common method used to kill bacteria)

Global Sustainability. All-nutrient supports the preservation of the planet's rainforests and supports the develpoment of sustainable ecostystem through managed harvesting of botanical oils and extracts. Such wise and sensitive planning for the future of our natural resources also works to ensure economic sustainability of the diverse cultures that exit withing these irreplaceable natural oases. Their decision to use natural, botanical ingredients rather than animal-derived, futher enables the access to 'quality without cruelty' and 100% vegan products.

All-nutrient's ingredient standard is simple:
• 100% vegan
• Cruelty-free
• Synthetic-free
• Sulfate-free
• Gluten-free
• Paraben-free
• Formaldehyde-free and formaldehyde donor-free
• No MEA & DEA
• No triclosans
• No propylene glycol
• No carcinogens
• No phthalates
• No toxic materials nor heavy metals
• No pesticides, fungicides nor herbicide

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